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Prior to the incident The British Empire was the most powerful entity the world had ever seen, controlling 1/3 of the planet and wielding an immense army and powerful navy. It was partly due to their power and wide-spread territories that they managed to survive The Longest Night and come out the otherside remaining the most powerful faction in the world. Though greatly diminished and most of it's forces preoccupied in defending vital resources in the wasteland from bugs and keeping down resistence and rebellions back home the Empire has little chance of ever conducting offensive campaigns or remaking contact with it's colonies and oversee territory.

The center of the Empire is the city of London, divided into two seperate settlements by the river Thames. The southern side living in possibly the worst povety and strife ever seen, thousands starving and dying of disease in garbage filled streets with shanty towns spilling out across the city, into alleys and across roofs. The only aspiration the southern Londoners can hope to aspire to is working in the factories manufacturing arms and munitions until they either lose a limb and are sacked or drop dead from exhaustion - the only other option being to enlist in the army and being sent to some unknown far-off land to die to a horde of bugs.

Meanwhile the northern side lives in affulent prosperity, almost experiencing a golden age. Most of the wealth they owned prior to the incident now being three or four times more valuable and being able to own and build the factories that subjegate the lower class and make the military and government dependant on their munitions. Many holding high-ranking political and military positions themselves and enjoying luxuries unbound in northern London, the streets filled with automobiles and lined with threatres, gentlemen clubs and gambling houses, their homes decorated lavishly with spoils plundered from the wasteland and former great cities by hired scavengers.

The Empire relies heavily on hired guns, mercenaries, scavengers and vigilantes to do it's work in and outside of the city both above and below the law.

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The Kaiserreich are all the lands of Germania united under the Kingdom of Prussia and the leadership of Emperor Wilhelm II. It is a proud, noble land but highly antagonistic and hardhearted. The core region of Berlin-Prauge-Vienna forms the center of the Kaiserreich and enjoys relative saftey and prosperity, the reich treating it's own citizens almot like kings but caring very little for those outside.

The Kaiserreich holds a bitter resentment against The Empire and longs to have it's flag flying over the Republic though with all three preoccupied with the bugs the likelyhood of either of the three making a move seems highjly unlikely.

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While Nikola Tesla did found the Tesland, he does not run it, choosing instead to appoint the person he thought most capable and likely to lead a just fair rule - which fell upon former US president Theodore Roosevelt

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