Empire Edit

King George V

Prime Minster David Loyld George

Minister of defence Douglais Hague

Minster of foreign affairs Winston Churchill

Minster of medicine Alexander Flemming

Minster of culture T.S. Elliot

Kaiserreich Edit

Emperor Wilhelm II

Chancellor Franz Ferdinand

Minster of defence

Minister of foriegn affairs Minister of Manfred von Richthofen

Minister of science Max von Laue

Republic Edit

President Raymond Poincare

Tsardom Edit

Tsar Nicholas II

Teslarate Edit

President Theodore Roosevelt

Vice President, Founder and secretary of technology Nikolai Tesla

Secretary of science Albert Einstein

Secretary of aviation Orville Wright

Fordlandia Edit

Administrator Henry Ford

Director of technology Thomas Edison

Director of defence John Browning

Director of economy John D Rockafeller

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